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Ageless Skin Studio by Denise offers age defying skin treatments, skin care products and education for beautiful, healthy, ageless skin.  Call to book a complimentary consultation today. Be Well ~ Be Ageless

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    • Consultation Free
      An initial complimentary consultation to assess concerns and recommend a course of action through treatments and/or appropriate products and set realistic goals and expectations. 30mins
    • Custom Facial $80
      After analyzing your skin and discussing your concerns and goals, I will tailor a facial just for you. 75 mins. Select any facial treatment add on from the Add-On category for an additional $30 and 30 mins.
    • Express/Teen Facial $50
      Don't have 60 minutes to spare?  Come in for an abbreviated treatment that is hyper-focused to your area of concern
      (minimal extractions) 45 mins
    • Deep Pore Facial $100
      The Deep Pore Facial will help to regulate oil production, mattify and smooth skin.
    • Hydrating Facial $110
      This treatment uses a gentle lactic acid mask to exfoliate, brighten and hydrate the skin. 75 mins.
    • Image Organic Peel/Facial $125
      Image Certified Organic Products are used to restore your skins youthful glow.
    • Image Oxygen Facial $110
      Good for all skin types, this treatment detoxes and rehydrates the skin through increased circulation and collagen production with enzymes and an oxygenated mask.  Especially beneficial for rosacea, acne, sun damage and dry or irritated skin. 75 mins.
    • Intensive C Facial $125
      Vitamin C Helps to promote a more youthful and radiant appearance.
    • 24K Gold Rejuvenation Facial $130
      Experience this intense anti-wrinkle treatment with its amazing skin-firming effects for yourself!

    These treatments are concern specific. Peels, Electronic and Collagen Induction Therapies.
    • Collagen Induction Therapy $150
      Using a CIT roller can increase product penetration up to 100x's! This non-invasive procedure stimulates the bodies reparative process which increases collagen and elastin production, as well as creating tiny pathways on the surface of the outer most skin, to allow beneficial ingredients to penetrate more quickly and deeply.  Truly an amazing treatment for instant as well as long term benefits.  Best done in a series and at home in between professional treatments. 90 mins.
    • Dermafile $100
      For polished perfection, this treatment uses finely crushed diamonds to hand polish the skin, removing the top layer of dead skin cells leaving the skin velvety smooth, fresh and rejuvenated. 75 mins.
    • Dermaplaning Facial $110
      A simple and safe way to exfoliate skin and remove vellus hair (peach fuzz).  75 mins. Includes extractions, massage and hydrating mask.
    • Dermaplaning Treatment $80
        A quick, simple and safe way to exfoliate skin and remove vellus hair (peach fuzz) followed by appropriate treatment serum(s), hydration and SPF.  45 mins. (Does not include extractions, massage or mask)
    • Four Layer Facial $125
      Named Best Facial of the Century by Cosmopolitan Magazine (UK)! Using nourishing ingredients from the sea, you'll experience 4 different masks, layered to ensure optimal absorption and beautiful results.
    • Hydra-Microdermabrasion w/Oxygen $130
      This treatment uses the DermalAir Gun to exfoliate with wet-microdermabrasion, while infusing hydrating and peptide rich serums with pressurized air to revitalize and feed skin with pure oxygen. There is no other treatment like it. Guaranteed to leave you with beautiful, radiant skin. (Includes neck and decollete) 90 mins. 
    • LED Facial $150
      Address any concern with this non-invasive LED light facial. 3 different lights and frequencies can improve redness, control acne, reduce hyperpigmentation & increase collagen and elastin.  Even works on rosacea! LED can also be added to any facial or as a stand alone Express Facial. 90m.
    • Lift & Plump Treatment $140
      With 1 treatment you will see noticeable tightening and plumping using Microcurrent and Radio Frequency ~ Amazing!
    • Microdermabrasion $110
      Physical exfoliation for added cellular turn-over and re-texturizing 75 mins.
    • Microcurrent $110
      Electronic facial to "shorten" facial muscles giving face a visible lift and cellular stimulation (best done in a series) 90 mins.
    • Nano Facial + Home Treatment $150
      New!! Nano Technology, pain-free facial treatment that replaces Micro-needling. Take home a hydrating sheet mask to use approximately 1 week after  your treatment for a lovely boost of hydration.
    • Radio Frequency $110
      Collagen stimulating facial that heats up the dermal layer, resulting in a proliferation of collagen production. You will see immediate firming and plumping as well as cumulative results if done in a series.
    • Revival Facial $175
      One of my most requested treatments. This is an amazing facial resulting in immediate tightening and brightening by using several modalities designed specifically for increased product penetration. AHA's and Vitamin C are combined with Iontophoresis (galvanic current) and Sonophoresis (ultrasound/sonic) plus targeted Collagen Induction Therapy for unsurpassed product penetration. The absolute ultimate treatment for special events or just to get a radiant glow. Purchase the Revival Mask for at home use and experience this "facelift in a jar" for continued improvement.  Bring your CIT implements for an added WOW factor! 105 mins
    • Star Treatment $150
      Let me treat you like a celebrity without the celebrity price. Combining the Image Oxygen Facial with the Hydra-Microdermabrasion w/Oxygen treatment, this amazing service will have you event ready.  3 of the best skin treatment modalities available, It will transform your skin. 75 mins.
    • PEELS

      Peels today are very sophisticated allowing you to experience the benefits of a deeper chemical exfoliation without the downtime and discomfort of peels done in the past.  After a thorough consultation, I will select the best treatment for your skin and skincare goals.  Signed Consent Form required. 
      • 4% Retinol Peel $200
        Medium depth PCA peel using 4% Retinol. Consult and Consent required.
      • Chemical Peel $110
        Up to 3 layers of a chemical exfoliation, hand picked for you. 60 mins.

      • Chemical Peel 4+ layers $130
        4+ layers of a chemical exfoliation for more resilient skin types. 75 mins.
      • Facelift Peel $130
        This stunning 4 layer facial combines AHA's, BHA's, Enzymes, Vitamin C and an exfoliation mask to gently tighten, brighten & lighten skin. 
      • Pumpkin Peel $125
        This very active Pumpkin Enzyme treatment exfoliates and draws out impurities while simultaneously infusing the skin with vitamins, nutrients and enzymes, leaving your skin visibly smoother and positively radiant! 60 mins.
  • PCA Enzyme Peel Alternative $90


    • Aromatherapy Body Wrap $90
      During this soothing, thermal therapy, heat is used to relax the body and release aromatic fragrance to reduce stress. 60 mins.
    • Back Facial $90
      This treatment starts with an exfoliation and steam, along with extractions on hard to reach clogged pores. It is then followed up with massage using a rich moisturizing 
      lotion for tension release and hydration. 75 mins.
    • Body Scrub $90
      Whisk away sluggish skin cells with a natural scrub, leaving the body stimulated, silky soft and perfectly conditioned. 60 mins.
    • Cellulite Treatment ~ 1 area $110
      Get "beach ready" with this series of body treatments designed to melt stubborn fat (cavitation) with Ultra Sound and thicken the dermis with Radio Frequency to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  A series of 3-6 treatments is recommended and should be done weekly for best results. 75 mins.
    • Custom Facial & Body Treatment $170
      The ultimate in pampering! 2 hours of relaxation. After analyzing your skin and discussing your concerns and goals, I will tailor a facial just for you, using the best products in the industry. Next, you'll choose either to exfoliate sluggish skin with a natural scrub,  to stimulate and leave you silky soft Or, a body wrap where you'll be cocooned in a thermal mask while aromatic fragrance melts your stress away. 120 mins.
    • Microdermabrasion Back Facial $150
      Great treatment for acne scars, deeper congestion or just to make skin glow. 75 mins.
    • Microdermabraion ~ Legs $150
      Treatment will smooth skin and increase product penetration.  Great Summer treatment! 75 mins.
    • Mirodermabrasion ~ Arms $75
      Treatment will smooth skin and increase product penetration. Great Summer treatment! 45 mins.
  • ADD ON'S

    • BYO Roller $20
      Have a dermal roller of your own?  Bring in your cleaned instrument and I will add it to your treatment for the same  amazing collagen inducing benefits you are getting at home but with professional products. 30 mins.
    • Collagen Induction Therapy~Partial $30
      Same amazing CIT treatment that can be added to most facials to target your specific area of concern such as crows feet, frown lines, marienette lines, areas of stubborn hyper pigmentation or scarring, to name a few. 15 mins.
    • Dermafile $20
      15 mins.
    • Eye Treatment $10
      Jade rollers are a centuries old tool that promotes circulation while the cool stone reduces puffiness and wrinkling. This eye treatment is paired with an anti-aging, de-puffing eye mask. 10 mins.
    • Galvanic Current (Iontophoresis) $30
      Iontophoresis uses negative electrical current to open pores for easier extractions and increases product penetration by 1 1/2x's.  Then the positive current is used to close pores to prevent trans-epidermal water loss, keeping nutrients and active ingredients in the skin longer.  This is a wonderful add on to any treatment for increased results. 30 mins.
    • Radio Frequency $30
      Collagen and Elastin stimulating treatment.
    • Gua Sha Sculpt $20
      Gua Sha stones are used to increase blood flow which improves skins hydration and tone, reduces puffiness and purges dirt and debris from pores.  
    • Hand or Foot Paraffin $15
      The perfect add on for some much deserved pampering.  Enjoy a hand or foot massage with luxurious hydrators, followed by a warm paraffin alternative to infuse moisture for baby soft skin. 15 mins.
    • High Frequency $15
      This ozone treatment can be added to any service to calm redness and irritation and oxygenate the skin and follicles.
      Especially effective for treating rosacea or calming skin after waxing or extractions. 15 mins.
    • Jade Roller Facial Massage $20
      Jade rollers have been around since the 7th century.  This gem reduces facial puffiness, drains the body of toxins and balances the qi.  20 mins. 
    • LED Light Treatment $30
      Add this amazing LED light therapy to any facial, to address specific skin conditions and concerns.
    • Microcurrent $30
      Electronic Face Lift
    • Microdermabrasion $30
    • Neck & Decolete Treatment $25
      Tighten and hydrate your neck and chest.
    • Organic Foot Scrub $25
      Special Organic Foot Treatment
    • Oxygen $30
      Detox and hydrate the skin with pure oxygen infusion & peptides using a dermal air gun for a breath of fresh skin!
    • Peel $20
      Add a flash peel on to your treatment for a double exfoliation.
    • Ultrasonic Treatment $20
      Add this gentle exfoliation to any facial for a beautiful glow.
    • Ultra Sound (Sonophoresis) $20
      Sonophoresis uses low frequency sound waves to push products deeper into the skin, increasing product penetration up to 40x.  This amazing add on will give you phenomenal results and is a very comfortable and relaxing treatment. 20 mins.

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